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Are you planning a trip to Cuba? Are you looking for some tips before you travel? The following are some of the most common tips given for traveling to Cuba.

Plan your flight and lodging early

Flights to Cuba are usually only done by charter planes, so availability is limited. Hotel rooms also tend to fill up very quickly so make sure you have one reserved ahead of time. Traveling all the way to Cuba and hoping to land a hotel room is not a good idea.

Bring Cash

You will definitely want to bring cash with you to Cuba. Why? American credit cards do not work in Cuba. You will need cash to cover any and all expenses, including your transportation and lodging. When you are leaving the U.S. for Cuba, it is recommended that you exchange your greenbacks for something other than U.S. dollars because U.S. dollars are taxed higher in Cuba. Another thing to note when it comes to cash is that there are no available ATMs in Cuba, so make sure you pack more than enough.

Be Prepared to be Disconnected

When in Cuba, your U.S. cell phone will most likely not work. Along with that, the wifi in Cuba is not widely accessible nor is it free. You will only be able to access wifi in a major city or in a hotel. Even then, you will have to pay for your access to wifi. Take this as an opportunity and let this disconnection allow you to really soak in the culture of Cuba.

Be Patient

The pace of life in Cuba is much slower than America’s fast paced lifestyle. Be prepared to be patient when doing anything in Cuba, from ordering food to waiting for a flight. The Cubans are used to a slow paced lifestyle and while visiting, try to embrace that. Otherwise, be prepared to be frustrated!

Since Barack Obama lifted the U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba in 2016, more and more Americans have been eager to visit. Before taking off, follow the above tips in order to ensure your trip is as successful as possible.