Celeste Hedequist

Celeste Hedequist, a mother of four, is a Boston native with a passion for traveling with her family.

As a mom of four, Celeste Hedequist is a firm believer in teaching your children to live outside their comfort zone. Growing up in an affluent community, with a lack of diversity, has encouraged Celeste and her husband to travel with their children. Planning unique trips both domestically and internationally has become quite the passion for Celeste. Being able to put together an entirely different experience, filled with various adventures, is beyond rewarding for the whole family.

Teaching children to live outside of their comfort zone is where growth happens. Celeste and her husband encourage their kids to challenge their beliefs, not only in everyday life, but especially on their trips. Celeste Hedequist finds great value in teaching her children to cope with changes and question their own value system with each new venture. She has encouraged them to force themselves to try new endeavors and physical feats.

As a family, the Hesequists challenge one another to be open to new experiences. In fact, living outside their comfort zone has become somewhat of a theme in their everyday life. Celeste Hedequist and her husband have taught their children to live their lives with a curious mind rather than accepting a norm.

Celeste Hedequist has come to find that in order for children to truly grow both intellectually and emotionally, it’s important that your kids aren’t constantly surrounded by people just like them. Taking various trips throughout the year has enabled her children to have a greater understanding of how fortunate they are and what it’s like for others. Ultimately, Celeste reiterates to her kids what it means to grow as a person, not just physically but mentally.

Celeste also finds it important to teach your children about goals. Often times Celeste talks to her children about where they want to be 10 years from now. Helping her children identify their goals and put a plan into place so that they can achieve that is of utmost importance to her. Celeste always reminds her children that life isn’t about being content. She encourages them to explore the world and form their own opinions. Most importantly, she emphasizes the importance of exploring the unknown for a while , because that’s when the best things tend to happen.

Fortunately, Celeste Hedequist and her husband have children that lead with an open mind and are often willing to try just about anything.