Financial Planning for Your Family Vacation

Planning your family vacation can accumulate expenses very quickly. Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, family trips can become overbearing and not worth the cost. In order to enjoy your family vacation without having to worry about breaking the bank, you will need to do some planning. This article will talk about how you and your family can map out your finances for your family vacation and gain some peace of mind in the process.


The most important part of any family vacation is planning. Plan on where you and your family want to go and how much you want to budget for your trip. Determining your budget for the trip will help you determine every other factor while planning your vacation. Think about opening a new bank account, if you haven’t already, strictly for vacation funds. Set up auto-payments that go directly into your vacation fund so you have a reoccurring payment going towards your vacation. This will help you establish a solid base for your vacation funds. You can always contribute more to the account as time goes on.

Largest Expenses

The three largest expenses you want to keep an eye on are transportation, lodging, and activities. Plan out all three of these expenses and you will have a majority of the costs for your trip covered in your budget. Within the three big expenses of the trip lies multiple ways of paying for them. You can bundle all of the expenses together in a package using online resources or you can book them separately. Consider what will be most comforting and enjoyable for your family so that everyone is happy about the three major points of your vacation.

Buffer Zone

With any family vacation, there should be a budget for your main expenses like the big three listed above. You also want to allow your budget to have some kind of buffer zone to allow for other expenses that may pop up along the way. Anything can happen on the trip that you may not have expected. Bad weather can cause canceled flights, someone could get sick while on the trip and need medical attention. The point of having a buffer zone in your budget is to expect the unexpected. The more prepared you are for any scenario the better you will be and the more fun you will have on your family vacation!