Helpful Travel Apps

As you plan for your travels and while you are enjoying them, there a couple of extremely helpful apps that will make your trip even more seamless. The following four are some of the most useful and easy to use.

Hotel Now

No one wants to have to book a hotel the day of, but it happens. Especially for those of us who are flying by the seat of our pants as we travel. Hotel Now specializes in selling off same-day hotel reservations, often at incredible discounted rates. It has options to book in advance, too, but the best deals occur the day of. This is an app that you plan not to use, but are glad to have it when you need!


Hopper is an app that is useful when looking for the cheapest possible plane tickets. How does it work? First, you select your desired location. Then you’ll see a calendar that shows you the best days for the airfare, color-coded by least to most expensive, over a six-month period. Hopper then predicts how much the plane ticket costs will increase and when it will happen, based on algorithms. The last thing that will happen is Hopper will locate that cheapest plane ticket and send you a notification saying “Buy Now!” You should heed Hopper’s advice.

Mobile Passport

Have you ever landed from an international flight and realized that you have none of your paperwork filled out, you don’t know where your passport is and you don’t have a pen? It is not a good feeling after a long flight. That’s where Mobile Passport comes in. This app stores all of your flight information, passport and customs information. The only caveats are that this app  applies only to US and Canadian citizens and is so far accepted only at 24 US international airports.


This app is a mixture between Yelp and Google Maps. Sidekix is an urban exploration planner that allows  you download city guides with places to eat, drink, and visit, and how to get there by foot. Sidekix maps out the best walking directions based on what you enjoy and want to see on your trip or, and as you walk, points of interest, such as bars, cafes of museums, pop up on your map in the app. Even more, once you tap on the location you have access to reviews left by other users.

Traveling is meant to be enjoyable. But sometimes you need a little help. These innovative apps offer that help and even make it fun. Start downloading them now for your next trip!