The Importance of Service Projects for Kids

Service learning for children of all ages is incredibly beneficial as it promotes, enhances and encourages strong character, respect for and connectedness to local or international communities, and is an opportunity for students to actively participate in civic based activities. What are some other benefits of children performing service projects?

Enhances Child’s Self Esteem

Service projects help enhance a child’s self esteem. When a child volunteers his or her time, they begin to develop a greater sense of self-esteem. With this comes a multitude of benefits for the child and the organization they are working with. They begin to grow into new roles within the service project, and begin taking on larger projects. Once a child’s self esteem is lifted, the limits are endless.

Gives children the opportunity for experiential learning

Children will make the connection between the service project they are working on and the overall societal or social issue it impacts. This is critical for children because it helps them understand the “why” behind what they are doing. It also makes them feel like they are part of the solution, which they are. Children can learn about issues directly at the source and be exposed to the multiple perspectives of people involved, which is very powerful!

Organizations that Provide Opportunities

Global Leadership Adventures is a wonderful program that allows children to participate in service projects globally. GLA’s goal, according to their website, is to “provide life-changing experiences that will cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness in students that will ultimately inspire them to become great leaders and global thinkers and seek positive change in their own communities.” That is a lofty, but amazing goal to have! The Global Leadership Adventures program offers opportunities in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

When a child has the unique opportunity to participate in a service project, they gain immeasurable benefits. Their self esteem is boosted, they have the opportunity to do experiential learning and they learn how important it is to help the world around us.