Tips for Traveling from the US to Canada

Are you an American planning a trip to Canada? Our friendly neighbors to the North offer great views, fun activities and much more. There are still some things to keep in mind before making the trip across the border.

You need a Passport

Any visitor to Canada must come with a valid passport. Before September 11th, the laws were much less strict when it came to having a passport. But in 2018, you will absolutely need either your passport or an equivalent such as a NEXUS card to enter Canada’s borders. One area that is not as strict is traveling with young children.  Travelers aged fifteen or younger will only need to present a birth certificate or certified copy to border patrol officers.

Your US Driver’s License is Valid

While some of the driving laws in Canada are different than the US, you won’t need to apply for a separate Canadian driver’s license when visiting from the US. Your regular driver’s license will suffice while driving Canadian roads. What are some things that will not suffice? The laws around distracted driving are stricter in Canada than the U.S. so make sure your phone is hands free if you use it will driving. Lastly, you cannot smoke in a car that has children in it while in Canada.

You Could be Denied Entry

While Canadians are known for their friendliness and welcoming nature, they don’t let just anybody into their country. Canadian Border Services Agency guards are strict when it comes to criminal records or any noticed suspicious behavior. You could be denied entry for a DUI or not having the correct forms of ID. Before traveling to Canada, make sure you understand that this is a very real possibility.

If you are traveling to Canada soon, be prepared for a great time! Also be prepared for some obstacles you may face. These obstacles include having all of your documents together, including your driver’s license and passport. Lastly, keep in mind that you may be denied entry if you have a criminal record or are exuding suspicious behavior.