Tips for Traveling with a Teen

Are you traveling with a teen this summer? While traveling with small children comes with its very own set of unique challenges, traveling with a teen does the same. The following are some tips to keep in mind while traveling with a teenager.

Let them be Independent

While traveling with your teen, it is important to allow them to be independent. If you want to go visit an ancient ruins site but your teen is more interested in exploring the downtown, allow them to. With cell phones, you can remain in as much or as little communication as you feel necessary. You can even have them share their location with you via their phone and that way you can check to make sure they are in a safe area without having to contact them. The more independence you allow your teen while traveling, the better they will get at traveling, and the more fun you will both have!

Be Flexible on Timing

Teens tend to like to stay up late and sleep in late. Instead of allowing this to create tension among the group, plan activities in the morning that your teen will not mind missing out on. This allows the members of the group who want to wake early and explore to do so and your teen to sleep in an enjoy the laze of vacation. Don’t forget to compromise though. If everyone is planning on an early morning excursion, be sure your teen is aware and awake in time.

Be Prepared for Moods

Teenagers are moody. So are people who travel. Put the two together and you should know what you can expect. Be prepared for some moodiness along your trip. If your teen is starting to get moody, that’s a great time for them to go exploring on their own, or maybe even take a rest in the hotel while you and the rest of the group go exploring. Discuss your plan ahead of time with your teen. Ask them how they best deal with stress and what works and doesn’t work to soothe them. Remember that you cannot keep everyone happy on a trip, in fact, it’s unreasonable to do so. So expect that there will be moodiness and deal with it as it comes.

While traveling with a teenager can be seen by some as a daunting task, it can be very rewarding as well. Teenagers have a unique sense of independence and curiosity that can make for a great travel partner. Keep in mind that teenagers appreciate some independence. Be flexible on timing when planning excursions and be prepared for some moodiness from any teenager. Now that you know what to look out for, you are better prepared to travel with a teenager!