Travel Tips: Africa

Are you traveling to Africa soon and have no idea what to expect? Read on for some crucial tips for your African travels.
Make Sure you Have at Least Two Weeks to Travel

Just traveling to and arriving to African countries alone can take up to two days, depending on where you are traveling from and which part of Africa you are visiting. Once you arrive, your body will need time to adjust to the time change, the climate and the culture. That being said, one week is simply not enough time to explore Africa. You will want to give yourself at least two weeks, and even more if that’s possible. You don’t want to rush the experience of visiting this vast country, so take your time there.
Be Cognizant of your Clothing

In most African countries women dress extremely conservatively. Women travelers should not wear revealing clothing such as short dresses with spaghetti sleeves or short shorts and a tank top. You are traveling into their country, so be respectful of the culture. The only time it may be appropriate to wear a sundress or bathing suit is when you are on the property of the hotel or whatever lodging you are staying in. Even then, it is important to remain as conservatively dressed as possible.

Be a Responsible Traveler

Once you are in Africa, you will likely witness extreme poverty. This can be overwhelming and even shocking to you. While it can be tempting to offer money or gifts to beggars, it is highly recommended not to do so. Begging is actually one of the most visible signs of human trafficking. It encourages children to stay out of school and earn money instead. As hard as it may be to witness such extreme poverty, be a responsible traveler and do not offer money.
Congratulations on your trip to Africa! It is a vast land of beauty. Follow the above tips for your most successful trip!