Best Gifts for Eco-Travelers

For those who enjoy traveling, there are many “green” gifts that are a great choice. Whether it’s a Christmas or birthday gift for a friend, or you simply want to stock up on travel essentials for yourself, you will find that most shopping lists focus more on consumerism and affiliate links.  However, with enough research, you should be able to find a lot of useful items that have more of a positive impact on the environment. Here are some of the best gifts you can get for a traveler looking to remain eco-friendly.


Reusable Travel Bags

Not only are travel bags both affordable and versatile, but they are also a staple for any explorer who is looking to stay organized. Luckily, there are many green alternatives to Ziploc when it comes to storing small objects. For example, Flip and Tumble’s zip top travel pouches are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are also machine washable and come in packs of five. Each pouch is sized different and can fit shoes, clothes, toiletries, and electronics.


Travel Towel

An all-purpose towel will certainly come in handy regardless of what you’re doing. Whether it is diving off a cliff, enjoying a swim in the ocean, or simply taking a shower after a long day, it would be a very useful thing to have. Some of the best travel towels are extra-absorbent and quick drying, plus, they take up very minimal space during storage and transport. Another benefit of having a multi-purpose towel is that it can cut down any unnecessary water costs that come from frequent washing and drying. Packtown offers an ultralight microfiber towel that is a great accessory for any travel enthusiast, especially those who enjoy venturing off for a swim.


Water Bottles

Not many travel experiences can be done without a steady source of hydration. The problem is that the typical water bottles can be cumbersome. However, Vapur has a reusable “Anti-Bottle” that solves the problem of transportability. It is made of a flexible, BPA-free material and can also be folded and flattened to fit almost anywhere. Now, for those who are traveling to areas with clean water might be scarce, you should consider the Lifestraw which is a bottle with a built-in filter that eliminates waterborne contaminants. One of the great things about Lifestraw is that they match the purchase of every bottle by providing drinking water to a child in need for one school year.