Preparing Your Kids for Long Flights

Having children on long flights is always difficult. Many people could talk about horror stories about either having their own child on a plane or experiencing someone else’s child on a plane! If you are planning a trip that requires a long plane ride you may want to think about what you will need to prepare to help soothe your kids. This article will talk about how to physically and mentally prepare for long flights with your kids.

Departure and Arrival Times

If you have younger kids, they may be used to a similar sleep pattern where they take naps throughout the day. When you are looking for a flight to book, make sure you have them scheduled in a window where your children would not normally be taking their naps. A good piece of advice would be to board a long flight after your kids have had their nap so they have a lesser chance of becoming cranky from lack of sleep. Your travel times should be similar to their sleep schedules as to not throw anyone off, including yourself!

Pack Food

One of the most important tips for traveling with young kids is to take food with you. Airline food can be expensive and they have a limited menu of foods they offer. Take food that you know your children will enjoy and keep them calm in potentially stressful situations like a long flight. This way you know how much food you have on you and you do not have to worry about depending on limiting flight menus.

Set Rules

Setting rules for your children is sometimes a tip that is overlooked for parents who have young children. Talk to your children about what is appropriate and not appropriate on flights. Giving them a warning about what is going on and what is expected of them could stop tantrums before they even start. Make sure you tell your kids that kicking other peoples seats are not allowed as well as asking them to use their indoor voices when on the plane.

Bring Distractions

Smartphones and Tablets are great sources to have while on a long flight with kids. Be sure to bring something that will distract them during the long flight and keep them calm!